David Kinch Discusses Reality TV Experience on ‘The Taste’

Manresa Executive Chef David Kinch

Manresa Executive Chef David Kinch

David Kinch, the chef-proprietor of acclaimed Los Gatos restaurant Manresa, recently got out of the kitchen at his michelin-rated restaurant for a little time in the spotlight on ABC’s reality show The Taste, with Anthony Bourdain, Nigella Lawson, Ludo Lefebvre and Brian Malarkey as hosts.

The show’s main emphasis is on competitive cooking and taste. The catch? All the dishes are judged in a blind taste test, based on a spoonful of food. Kinch appeared as a special guest mentor to the contestants. We caught up with him to discuss his experience on the show and his upcoming plans.

How did you end up as a guest mentor on The Taste?

I was asked by our book editor who also represents Tony Bourdain. I have known it for awhile now and was happy to help with his new show.

That environment seems a lot different than working in the kitchen. Was it a difficult transition?

Not at all. it was a lot of fun and really only two days of work. It is always fun to be involved in cooking and offering tips to contestants in a competitive environment was something new. I enjoyed it.

The show seems to focus more about the taste of food, rather than the visual aspect. What are your thoughts about that?

Well, taste and flavor are the single most important aspects of food. However, you cannot ignore the importance of presentation and what is pleasing to the eye.  One, after all, eats with the eyes first.

Can we expect to see you on more TV shows?

I’m looking forward to more opportunities like this.

What’s next? Anything new at the restaurant?

We are looking forward to the release of our first cookbook in October of this year.

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