Halloween in Los Gatos


With All Hallows Day approaching fast, the south bay is brimming with activities; and the town of Los Gatos is no exception.

Checking out the spooky outdoor decor in the neighborhood close to St. Mary’s Church is just one way to get the family together and ghoul out to the Halloween spirit. Tait Avenue is notoriously the best place to see electric pumpkins, ghosts and other scary surprises like dismembered body parts. Before all the sugar is ingested, from Oct 27-31 kids are able to eat free at California Cafe Bar and Grill. The kids menu consists of bento boxes with quesadillas, calazones or tempura to choose from as an entree, salad and desert.

After the kids are fueled up its ready to get loaded on candy and sweets. Most younger children will have already shared candy and had costume contests during school so it will be round two or three once it’s time to hit the neighborhood. Oak Meadow Park is holding their fourth annual Goblyns Glen Haunted House. From 6:30pm to 9pm all ages are welcomed to the fully interactive area with vendors and more food for the family. The event is targeted to those 12 and under for trick-or-treating, magic acts, puppet shows and balloon animals.

Starting at 9pm to 11pm, Oak Meadow Park will transform to Shadow Hills Haunted House for older kids and adults. This event is not intended for young children and will be designed to scare kids at heart. The haunted house is limited to groups of 4 for a more intimate experience. Tickets start at $13.

Once the kids are crashed out from the sugar highs and the adults have had their chance to unwind with their own ghoulish celebrations AAA will be available from 6pm to 6am on Nov 1 to give all drinkers a free tow no matter of membership. AAA’s Tipsy Tow program will give a free tow to home so drinking and driving is never an excuse.

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