Fromage & Specialties’ top cheese picks


For a long time, Los Gatos has gone without a cheese shop. Fortunately for residents, last year, a small shop opened on East Main Street. Fromage & Specialties is a great little shop with cured meats and other excellent foodstuffs. Owned by twins Don and Eric, the inspiration for their shop came from a Food Network special on Murray’s Cheese in New York. The brothers aim to enlighten the ignorant masses with cheesy knowledge. I talked with Don, who showed a great affinity for the cheeses that F&S has on sale. He takes cheese seriously and enjoys sharing his favorite cheeses with customers. He rounded up their most popular cheeses for me to sample:

Lamb Chopper

This lamb’s milk cheese is a fast-selling favorite for regulars. Don informed me that one of their Yelp reviews name checks this cheese specifically. It’s from a small dairy in Arcata, CA. It’s a firm cheese, one that reminded me of a milder, softer Dubliner cheese. Although he had a full wheel on hand, he says it sells out within a few days it’s so popular.

Bonne Bouche

A soft/runny goat’s milk cheese, the Bonne Bouche is light and tasty. It comes from the Vermont Butter & Cheese Creamery. An award-winning cheese, it’s aged 10 days in a vegetable ash rind that’s edible.

5-year Gouda

This hard cheese was one of the highlights for me. It’s a salty, bitey, delicious piece of Dutch culture. Highly recommended.

Vendéen Bichonné

This French cow’s milk cheese has a more sophisticated flavor than I expected. It’s a semi-firm cheese with a strong flavor reminiscent of a goat cheese.

Fromage & Specialties is located at 33 E. Main St. in Los Gatos and they’re open Tuesday- Sunday. Check out their website for more gourmet cheese selections. Thanks, Don!

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