Icing on the Cake brings the flour power


A Los Gatos institution since 1985, Icing On the Cake makes the best baked goods in town. Their cakes (cup and regular varieties), brownies, cookies, lemon squares deliver better-than-homemade quality. Since moving to their current location on Main Street, Icing on the Cake has become even more visible, drawing tourists and locals in with the delicious, dangerous smells wafting in on the breeze. Don’t mistake them for some upstart cupcake bakery. Icing on the Cake’s time-tested recipes are popular for a reason.
For people with special diets, they also carry a selection of wheat-free, egg-free, flourless and vegan baked goods. If you want custom-made cakes, be sure to order in advance. They will gladly whip up a wedding or birthday cake. Just be sure to order something a little smaller than usual– their delicious, dense cake feeds more than you think!
Icing on the Cake is located at 50 W. Main St. in Los Gatos, across from the Fleming/Jenkins tasting room. Their hours are Tuesday-Saturday 9AM-6PM and Sunday 9AM- 3 PM
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